Utah’s Energy Future Tour – Day 1: Torrey and Boulder

Beginning the tour honoring Adam Naisbitt, Craig Blouin, Liz Haigh and Allen Gilberg was very meaningful, knowing how much they supported my efforts over the last 10 years as a climate candidate in a variety of ways. I am of course grateful for my daughter Emily, as I try to help make the world a better place for her and coming generations. The Chatting Climate over Coffee event in Torrey led to great conversations that included concern for what the future holds for water and wildfires, along with discussing the ways to reach those who have evolving views on the changing climate. Listening, curiosity, and meaningful engagement (instead of heated debate) is perhaps ones of the better ways to achieve this.

After a beautiful ride over Boulder mountain and the highest point of the tour at 9600ft, it was on to Boulder Utah for a wonderful discussion regarding Utah’s energy future and the economic opportunities that come along with it. Once again, concern for water and wildfires came up, along with the impact that Lake Powell may have if unable to generate hydropower due to the steadily decreasing water levels there.

Also, here are a few notes from Pete Vordenberg, former head coach of the United States cross-country skiing program, who graciously accepted to film and photograph the tour.

Pete Vordenberg wrote:

One and a half days in filming climate ride 2022, the camera got heat stroke and shut down. I held panic at bay, got a cold drink for me, and a some time off for the camera. Bill rode through one the most beautiful stretches of road anywhere on earth – between Boulder and Escalante – and the camera got a workout, as did Bill. The first day was long, with a pre dawn start at Capitol Reef, a climate talk at the Wild Rabbit Cafe in Torrey, followed by the ride over Boulder mtn to Boulder.

In Boulder, we held a second town meeting, which included a fantastic dinner made by CCL’er Noah Syroid. Well after dark we found a place to camp down the Burr trail. Heck of a day! The camera has recovered, and Bill having had several phone meetings in Escalante, is about to head off to Kodachrome. Utah’s Energy Future Tour 2022 is action packed!

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