Day 4: Alton and Kanab

Pete Vordenberg’s reflections are the right way to start off this post:

It is two hours until the climate event at the Kanab library. Bill rode to Alton from Panguitch to connect with some old friends. I am not sure if ‘friend’ is how we arrived. But I am sure it is how we left. The secrets seemed to be openness, listening without judgement, speaking openly and honestly – with focus but without force, and the final ingredient was time. It took some time to talk it all out, to air opinions. To speak the truth that is felt even if it isn’t shared, and to hear the truth of someone else’s life experience. That to me seems the most important aspect of the past two days. Each of us is living a story that is built on our own experience. In the hearing of each other’s story, we develop understanding and compassion for each other. This takes time. We talked with a bit of tension for over half an hour before we found common ground and built from there. And I feel like the end was respect, and better even, friendship. From there, Bill rode dirt to within 10 miles of Kanab. And here we are. 2 hours and we’re back in action!

Our evening event in Kanab was well attended and a success! It was moderated by Tom Moyer, Utah State Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby, and Logan Mitchell from Utah Clean Energy joined our tour. We also had local panelists: Kane County Commissioner Andy Gant, Kane County Water Conservancy Chair Ben Clarkson, Kanab City Councilor Scott Colson, and Garkane Energy Advisor James Clegg. Tom’s tweet sums it up well:

I look forward to more discussion over coffee and other beverages with the Kanab community tomorrow.

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