Day 7: St. George

Today was a busy and productive day. Bob Inglis, Tom Moyer and I, along with Logan and Kate, were able to ride from Springdale to St. George, in time for a meet and greet at the Rotary Club.

It was well attended, and we appreciated the turn-out and discussion.

That evening, Bob participated in a panel discussion hosted by the UTU Institute of Politics & Public Affairs. The remaining panelists were St. George Councilwoman Dannielle Larkin, Utah Clean Energy climate scientist and energy analyst Dr. Logan Mitchell, and Ivins City Mayor Chris Hart. We were so pleased to see that attendance reached 100 people.
It was wonderful (and a relief) to have Bob present to such large and engaged audience.

Next stop is Cedar City.

It is appropriate to finish this post with Pete’s reflections:

The crew rode from Springdale to St George. Along the way the optimism I had been feeling hearing Bob and Logan and Tom speak about all the things we can do and are doing and all the progress we’re making toward combating climate change, all that confidence started to seep away. I was sharing the road with so many other vehicles burning fossil fuels, I drove past RV parks full of huge trucks, razors, side by-sides, house sized trailers and yes, Trump flags. And I too was driving a diesel van. We then hit the rotary meeting in St George, and let me tell you these people are working for good, they’re trying to help others and do the right thing. The stuff they’re up to is really impressive. They were very welcoming, very nice. It was too bad, however, that one of the first people I talked with said something about the dang liberals. Which I dang sure am.

The best thing I can take from that interaction is to be aware of my own judgements, how I speak of others, and how I treat people who I feel are different and even opposed to me. Bob began speaking and immediately it was clear how perfect a representative of climate advocacy he is. He is a conservative and he is a climate activist and naturally very well spoken. All the facts and logic in the world hold no sway over culture and community.

Bob is of the culture, part of the community. His role and the role of republicEn should not be underestimated. To make lasting progress on a transition to sustainable, climate friendly energy we need everyone. Which is to say conservatives and the damn liberals alike.

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